Our Promises are Made of Steel
Our company provides world-class steel fabrication and construction services to industrial and residential clients across Lebanon, to help them invest in and create reliable infrastructures.
SEMT Steel Staircase
Let Us Build Sustainable
Masterpieces For Your Home
Alongside our industrial solutions, we provide perfectly crafted and handmade structures for your home; From floating staircases, to diner tables, fences, gates, and everything else you can imagine.
World-Class Expertise in
Reliable Industrial Solutions
We deliver reliable and sustainable solutions to various industries within Lebanon. Our work is done according to international norms and standards and our partners and clients value us for it.
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Large Variety of crafted
Residential Solutions
Perfectly crafted and handmade structures not just for your indoors, but for your outdoors as well; stairs, fences, doors, gates, pergolas, and everything else you can imagine being made of steel.
A Wide Range of Industrial Services
Since 1993, our highly skilled professionals have helped customers throughout a wide range of industries, from large pipes maintenance, to fire exit stairs, and petro-chemical storage tanks.

Areas of Expertise

With 25+ years of experience, S.E.M.T is a world-class leader in providing clients with a wide array of specialty steel works. Listed below are just some of our areas of expertise:

Residential Steel Structures

S.E.M.T is well placed to respond to various trends in the residential & housing sector, particularly when using industrial and offshore manufacturing technologies, especially in the medium to high rise residential building sector, where expertise, speed, and reliability of construction is crucial. Our team of experienced designers, engineers, certified welders, installers, fitters and workers, are ever committed to delivering luxury grade finishing.

SEMT Conveyor Belt
F & B Industrial Machinery

As a vast sphere of S.E.M.T’s activity, industrial machinery covers different subareas of our work including heavy equipment and hardware solutions for the food and beverage industry. From stainless steel storage tanks, to industrial fryers, food processors, mixers, to bottling, bottle cleaning and circular filling, linear bottle production lines, packing, palletizing, and packaging. With its broad portfolio of products and extensive solutions expertise, S.E.M.T is a full-range machine supplier for the food and beverage industry, offering maximum efficiency, reliability, and availability all along the line.

About Us

Founded in 1993, Société d’Entreprise Maritime et Terrestre SARL is a full service turnkey provider, specialized in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of steel structural works.

Expertly adjusting to the changing market dynamics and complexities, SEMT has successfully carried out a large number of industrial and residential steel projects throughout Lebanon. 

From concept and design, to product supply, manufacturing, and installation, SEMT is constantly gaining strength and experience by venturing into all types of light, medium, and heavy structural works, along with general fabrication and survey arrangements, all under one umbrella.

With 25 years of expertise and hundreds of projects, SEMT strives to cater product innovation, engineering excellence, total quality management, and absolute customer satisfaction.

Years of Experience
Qualified Workers
Successful Projects
Sales Department

If you are looking for luxuriously finished residential steel masterpieces, or high-grade industrial steel projects, or ironclad oil & gas steel services, or F&B machinery, the specialists of our Sales Department will be glad to answer all your questions, provide you all possible solutions, assist you with information you need, and offer you the best possible solution for the most cost effective price. 

Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll take care of the rest.  

Our Latest Projects

With more than 800 successfully completed projects, S.E.M.T has built an ironclad reputation for itself, as a company leading in the steel industry, and delivering projects with superior quality, excellent attention to details, short and respected delivery times, absolute customer satisfaction, and great pricing. Below are just some of our latest projects:


S.E.M.T is a partner we can trust. These days, trust is everything, and people and companies only do business with people they know and absolutely trust, and  that is why we partner with S.E.M.T on all our oil & gas service projects.

Mr. Fady Hayek

I have worked with many companies offering steel industrial services, and out of all those companies there was only one who really stood out from the rest; S.E.M.T, their expertise, integrity, and attention to details make it hard to work with any other company.

Mr. Samir Assaf

S.E.M.T is a company we truly rely on. We’ve often had to build huge steel structures for important clients within very short time constraints, and more than once, I’ve thought that it can’t be done, but S.E.M.T’s team always managed to pull it off. Hats off!

Mr. Georges Haddad